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Logistics Business

Otsuka Warehouse provides logistics solutions through integration of new ideas with IT to optimize logistics functions of our clients.

Otsuka Warehouse provides logistics services to our clients through utiliztion of 'shared platform', a system that enables efficient operation of vehicles and warehouses, by combining products that have opposite characteristics. We integrate 'shared platform' with information technology, specifically ID Warehouse (warehouse management system), ID Transport (transport management system), and truck berth reservation system, in order to achieve cost reductions, more efficient logistics, and greater logistics quality.

shared platform

For stabalizing fluctuations in logistics through utilization of shared platform

Efficient operation of vehicles and warehouses will be possible by jointly delivering products that have opposite properties, such as summer type products with winter type products, heavy products with lightweight products. We flatten fluctuations in logistics to reduce costs, improve logistics efficiency, and improve quality.

ID Transport (TMS: transport management system)

Improvement of logistics services through visualization of delivery status

Incorporate information technology into logistics management to optimize logistics services through visualization of delivery schedule and delivery status

ID Warehouse (WMS: warehouse management system)

Provide warehousing solutions that suits storage of high number of SKUs - low volume products

Tablet terminals are utilzed for warehouse operations, reducing the number of shipping and picking errors.

Truck berth reservation system

Aimed to solve problems related to shortage of trucks and drivers

Reduction of standby time and imrovement in productivity of delivery through implementation of Truck berth reservation system